me, myself and family

Name : Honey Shasha
Age    : 18 and a half.
Residence: Parent's Quarters.

Hye. (;
I'm no special girl.
I'm a typical teenage girl, with a slightly whimsical atmosphere. 18 and I still believe in fairies, magics and miracle.
I don't ty to be normal, cause normal is overrated.
I find life is a complex interconnection, hard to understand, harder to explain.
But its a mystery, and I still believe that life has lots to offer to everybody

I've got a fantastic set of family tree. I got 2 fantastic mama and papa, 2 menacing brothers, and a little munchkin called sister. So I'm lucky to have something as perfect as these pairs.

Now this lady right here has been my everything. the reason for my existence. Dialah dunia saya.
Dialah wanita dihati saya.
Dialah mama saya.
Mama mengajar saya erti dunia, erti seorang insan.
menjadi seorang yang lebih baik.

my baba,
my dearest baba.
who whines whenever i do something wrong.
hanya untuk melihat anak gadisnya mendapat yang terbaik dalam perjalanan hidup.

He pushes me, and pushes me.
so that i get the best in whatever i dream of

And meet MY version of little monsters. 

On the right would be naeem, annoyingly lovable 2nd brother, Naeem. 

ever so obnoxiously sweet, Annis Marsila my little sister. hehehehe

wacky wonggidoodle third brother, faeez. (: