Wednesday, December 19, 2012

dear little friend

little friend,
confused little friend, I love you dearly and its sad to see the confusion surrounding you. I wanted to reach you but there was so many voices, so many thoughts. I guess the best way for me to say the things I want to is by typing it endlessly in this so called virtual letter. I am after all taking my time off from land law for you. :P

Anyhow, Everyone decides to be philosophical when it comes to relationship, love, flirts, swings and the likes of it all. And they're all wrong. Including me. Yes. including me... Because as much as we like to believe we're Oprah, we're not. and most importantly, we're wrong  because we're not you. (; Everyone has a different intake on this matter. whose to say who is write and who is wrong really ?
The best thing you could ever hear would have to be, "Think and Act independently, Follow your heart" 

Dear Little Friend,
Time heals all wound. All you need to do is ease up, admit, and let go. you're a smart girl with a big heart. there are times when every chapter of a book ends. maybe, some of them already did. maybe some of them still goes on. Only you know the answer to that
Chemistry doesn't come easy. lists are there for a reason. they're not to find the perfect man, they're there to find the imperfect man who is perfect for you. After all, we're at the prime of our ages. maybe you'd burn a little. or maybe this time you won't. whose to know what the future will bring us. but we won't get to know it if we don't give ourselves the chance to find out. and hey, if it doesn't work out, there is always God telling us, "He is not yours to have, I have a better plan for you."

We'd jump with joy if it works out, and I'll be the first to have a speech at your wedding, and the god mother who'll let my children play with yours. *wink, wink*
But if it doesn't work out, we'll hug you and cry with you, and tell you, "Its gonna be okay." and "Fuck that douche, you'll find a better man who is worth it." 

Dear Little Friend,
Your heart is your biggest conscience. it whispers. you only need to listen to it.

p/s : You know who you are dear little friend. ((;