Thursday, December 22, 2011


For the past couple of weeks, ive been having trouble with my confidence. Amazing what one interview of position can do to you . O.o 
Ive been scared with my self belief. Ive chickened out on situations which I know Im good at. Sooo not me. 
But then, i guess its not the fact that I can't speak, but without sugar coated interference. somewhat like a person with maturity. I guess the fact that I don't want to grow up is slowly eating me up. maybe i'm just exaggerating this. -.-

Mind me and listen up. I'm not merely saying this without thought. I've observed. and I know there are at times, maturity is vital when you present yourself. It gets you somewhere. and from where I am now, Its a do or die kind of thing. exaggerating again. 

So what is a bunny to do ? 
Stand head up and face the world thats what im doing. who says i can't change? Life is all about changes. But I'm not talking about the full 360 degrees change kinda thing. no way nu'uhh. 
more on how I present myself. balancing between when to be serious and when to be, well, me! :D 

You could say that I've seen a little bit of this and that where seriousness is of vital importance. Though I resent this with absolute passion, I know I can't delay it for long. I'm growing up, I know I know, though I hate to admit it, and whether I wanna fight being mature or embrace it. 

Hold on, mature ? huh? the hell is that ? Maturity is subjective. 
maturity comes from within. Not being serious does not mean you're not mature. being able to look down upon others because you're wiser than them is not maturity. 
being able to balance humility and confidence is maturity. 
being able to think twice before you judge others is maturity. 
being able to stand ground on what you believe in without influence from other external factors is maturity. 

see it as a whole wider perspective.  (; 

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