Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Im nothing but a girl.

I'm nothing but a girl. I'm not the nice ones you see in the movies. I may be those you hate on the other end. I do things I find best for myself. I know that at times people bare with my doubts. Sometimes I get mischievous and I wanna do things that might not seem proper and just not right. You are in the wrong end if you're looking for a quiet prim lady, for I am anything but.
But I do have a heart. I do have feelings. I do have eye buds.
I may not have all the right words to say. but don't kick me to curbs when I humble.
My thoughts are are spoken through my actions. More often then not, I am a scaredy cat. I don't cross path with others. I don't wanna. But don't mistake them with a sense of weakness. I don't fall easily. I don't give up easily.
My heart is kept in a iron-steeled box. chained. kept protected out of reach of children. but they are not cold. It can feel pain.
This girl here, you see, love life.
Because though at times the day is cloudy, and the sun might just hiding behind the clouds, it is still there.
Tomorrow lies in the eyes of the beholder. Shiny or Blurry.
Don't expect Her to change for you.
because scarily, she just might. gone were her confidence, only to hold on to your heart, once she has given hers.
A smile from her is easy.
A tear from her is priceless.

A girl's heart is made out of diamonds. they sparkle. they're hard. but once they fall, it breaks into pieces. never the same once its broken. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

... and before you know it, you're all grown up. (;

months pass, days come, minutes fly, seconds tick,
and before you know it, you're already in the office doing the same thing day in, day out.
What have you achieved in life ?
Have you done anything to change the world ?
Amboii jauh bermimpi ! takpe takpe dreams are limitless.

If not, have you done anything to change the country?
thats a little harder don't you think.

Well, have you done anything to change the society?
Have you done anything to make a certain influence on friends? peers?
ask this.
Have you EVER done anything to make your life worth while ?

Soalan ini sering kali sahaja mengacau benak jiwa raga minda saya.
bukanlah nak jadi super famous, or,
mengejar cheap publicity.
nope, not that.
but more towards doing something that when you release your breath, you are satisfied with.
sebab shasha percaya yang doing something dengan hati yang ikhlas, niat yang betul, minat yang mendalam,
akan ada feedback dia.

Kadang tu kita terlalu caught up dengan life yang trending around the world,
sampaikan we lose passion kita towards a certain interest,
soft skills, hidden talent that is well within our reach.
Something that is close to our heart.
We lost ourselves. diri kita.
Seorang yang kita kenal sepenuhnya.
Get it ?

Siapa manusia yang famous era moden ini ?
I take . . .

Lady Gaga lah for example.
wait wait wait.
don't be judgemental.
janganlah cakap dia iluminati aku mengagung agungkan dia. bukan.

look at the base of it.
dia menyanyi sebab minat yang mendalam terhadap perkara tu.
sebab dia tahu, itulah specialty dia as a person.
hati dia pada talent yang dia buat tu.

A person will give their heart into something they love. ~twitter. 

fakta hidup.
but I 'm sure of it. positive. affirmative.
'okay shasha cukup' ujar cerebrum. -.-"

kita tak sedar, masa bergerak dengan begitu pantas sehinggakan kita lupa,
2011 is almost at an end.
2012 is reaching near.
sedar tak ? haa tak kan tak kan.
sebab shasha rasa baru a few months back, shasha dengar gembar gembur tentang 2012.
and now the news is so yesterday.

what are we gonna do for OUR future ? got an inkling ?
the future is a choice for now.
our freedom to choose what we want to make of it.
to make it . . .
dull or colourful
boring or bright
straight or winding?
plain or interesting?
safe or risky

We are the ones who chooses these aren't we ?

I told myself, when I reach UM,
shasha nak hidup. shasha nak experience.
shasha nak life. shasha nak belajar. living an easy life. living a hard life.
berjimba dengan kawan kawan.
nak crack myself dengan crammed up assignments.
nak splurge on a purse.
nak study ala - ala budak rajin gila dekat library.
nak rasa kejar train.
nak jadi lebih berani menempuhi hidup penuh adventure.
In short,
I don't want to lead a life im scared of seeing tomorrow.

bukanlah nak cakap nak berpesta semata. ofcourse i wanna pass with flying colours.
but hidup is more than just books and exams. its moree than that.
its . . . LOUD !
it speaks!
*akibat sambil melayan charise-louder while tengah buat entri*

shasha tak main - main when i say, UM is beating the crap outta me.
betuullll. tapi atleast i'm living aren't I ?
konon bagi semangat kat diri sendiri. -.-" 
lead life as if its yours. not others. (;
cause its short, and its too beautiful to be filled with fickle, unfulfilling walks.


growing up, I wanna grow up being young again. :D