Saturday, October 29, 2011

lost ? heck I got these people. (;

Are you feeling lost?
have life been treating you roughly?
Is it a challenge to merely wake up and start the day?
snap out of it!
those are all exhaustion talk!!
or so I tell myself everyday. hihihi.

Universiti Malaya. . .
has beaten the crap out of me. tak pernah shasha rasa sejak masuk ni, erti rehat.
macam ada je benda yang nak dibuat, tempat nak dipegi, studies nak dicatch up.
Ramai budak dah mula meroyan, termasuklah yang sedang menaip entri ini.
baru sebulan bro, menyentap lebih aku rasa diri aku sendiri ini. =P
sampai rasa macam sebulan pun aku terkapai - kapai, boleh ke aku survive 4 tahun dekat hutan metropolitan ini?

Tapii !!
haaaaa, mestilah ade tapinyeekan. hihihih.
tapi tapi tapi,

shasha rasa Alhamdulillah bersyukur sangat, sebab sejak masuk sini, Shasha dikelilingi manusia yang acap kali akan stand behind my back. belum pernah kawan2 sha abaikan shasha tak kiralah ini studies or in fooling around.
Its as though, i've owned a family all for myself to love for.
 jyeaah. these people i root for.

so here's a little song I to capture what i really mean.

No guys Im serious if i don't have you i dunno what i'll do. (:

Monday, October 10, 2011

This is what Ive been doing.

scratch that, roller coasters has its ups and downs, i'v been goin' up up up up and no down. -.-" 

but yeah life has been fun here. 
tiring. no damn kidding. 
my room is just a check in check out living space. 
only a place for me to drag my head and crash on. 
this had been going on for a month now. 
its been fun. 

new experiences. 
the heck. 
showing is better than explaining. 

them kids whose been with me day in, day out. 

The Pembantu Mahasiswa during my Minggu Haluan Siswa Week name Faris (:

them girls I love <3 <3 

and in between classes. XD

save the best for the last, 
backstage of Mock Trial 

Current love 
My new family. 

ready for a new adventure. 


life has its way of turning around. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

mysterious messenger.

the mysterious messenger. 
someone I barely know. 
someone I find interesting. 

you come to my life unexpected. 
you come to my life so boldly. 
 and yet life had been  funn-er with you in it. 

mysterious messenger. 
getting by in this crazy world day by day cause you're there indirectly. 
mysterious messenger. 
hard to read, or so we think ? 
going through life like a stage, 
lights off. 
what comes after ? 

all the very firstessesess 
all the experiments and trial, no errors. 

I've had fun mysterious messenger. 
I have.

what's next ? (;