Tuesday, August 24, 2010


senangkah untuk menghubungkan silaturrahim??
tapi senangkah nak mengekalkannya???
kawan itu kadang kala mungkin tinggal,
ade jugak yang pergi.
then who stays and who goes.
sometimes, we feel the hurt of letting go a person.
especially when the person became our shoulder to cry on,
our strength to get back up and our imaginary fighting partner.
bole diclassifikasikan kepada dua.
satu direct friendship
and lagi satu indirect friendship.
dah mcm equation chemistry. -___-"

maksud direct bagi saye :
hanya baik bile bersemuka,
tapi bila tak jumpa, bak kata pepatah,
"you are not important in my life."
dirimu tetap akan dimanipulasikan.

walau jauh dimata, dekat dihati.
memang rapat eventhough jarang jumpa.
contact itu penting.

so itulah speculationnya.
which kind of friend are you????

blissful ramadhan.

God really knows to use psychology.
and im blessed to be shown the consequences.
when friends meet up, there's bond to be stories to e heard.
bad, mostly...
about people, shamefully. ish ish ish.
So this is what happened to me at the end of the day,
those people who i talked about and mostly feel the gist of annoyance,
was given all the luck and attention i wanted.
Im guilt stricken, (no, not with them) but with myself and god.
because god showed me what happened if i talk bad about a person like mak temah kepoh...
so i vow not to talk about a person and keep quiet no matter how much i cant resist. i'll try.
people say, KARMA IS A BITCH.
yeah well, karma gives you what you deserve. you deserve it. :D