Sunday, May 16, 2010

life in another shoe.

<----kalau anda pakai kasut ini, siapakah anda???

siapa pula yang ini??? ---->

different people got different set of lives, different ways of being raised.

some got nice ones, some has different experiences.

nice stilettos are made for purposeful occasions. compliments a good set of clothes, and changes them to a change attire.

most events take place in a very large hall.

some might even experience nice waltz, or slow dances. *wink (;

sport shoes go all the way,

it was a never a handful. very easy to take care of.

can be a life saver at times when the floor is too steep, or slipperry.

can even exchange itself for a sport shoe.

both shoes brings us to different directions. or rather,

lead us to one. one can swap to the other.

shoes might also alter.

we change them unconciously,

life changes...